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Rodent Exclusion Services in Marin County

Looking for effective companies that rodent-proof your home? Trust your local experts at North Bay Rat and Rodent for all rodent proofing services! As one of the leading rodent specialists in the Marin County, we understand that rodent infestations can pose serious threats to your health and your property, which is why effective rodent control is extremely important. We use trusted and proven methods to ensure long-lasting results, giving you peace of mind knowing your home is protected. Contact North Bay Rat and Rodent today if you suspect rodents in your home, and experience the difference our expertise and dedication can make in keeping your home rodent-free!

Benefits of Our Rodent Exclusion Services

Discover the incredible benefits of our rodent exclusion services at North Bay Rat and Rodent. As the best rodent control company in the area, we specialize in comprehensive rodent exclusion services, meaning your home will remain free of rats and rodents. From rodent exclusion to other rat proofing services, our rodent exclusion service is a trusted, eco-friendly method to ensuring these pesky critters are unable to infiltrate your home.

Comprehensive Barrier Creation

Foundation Repair and Reinforcement

Long-Lasting Materials

Comprehensive Barrier Creation

During our initial inspection, we carefully locate and identify all exposed areas such as gaps in the walls, cracks in the foundation, gaps around the pipes or any other spaces that rodents can squeeze through. Our team will then set up a plan to effectively seal all these gaps to prevent rodents from entering your house in the future. Our comprehensive barrier creation goes beyond simply exterminating existing rodents; our rat exclusion services prevent future infestations by eliminating access points and defending your property from those unwanted critters. This approach provides long-lasting protection and peace of mind by addressing interior and exterior vulnerabilities.

Foundation Repair and Reinforcement

Once our team comes up with a plan, we begin the rodent proofing process by sealing holes and other spaces to prevent a future rodent infestation. We do everything we can to keep the work as discreet as possible, by the time our team of experts are through, the majority of the work should not be visible.  This is one of the most important services we offer; without it, there will be no long term success of being rodent free.

Long-Lasting Materials

When we implement the comprehensive barrier creation, we only use high-quality materials to ensure that you are properly protected from rodents and other animals. Unlike other companies, we never use adhesives or spray foam that fail and are easily chewed through by these animals. Our experts will meticulously seal any gaps or small spaces using durable materials such as steel wool, metal flashing, high-strength concrete or mesh skirts.
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Our Rodent Exclusion Services Include

Entry Point Sealing

We eliminate your rodent problems by proactively sealing any entry points. This allows us to not only remove the current rodents that may be residing in your home and creating structural damage to your home, but also prevent them from coming in in the future.

Door Sweeps and Weather Seals

If your doors or windows have large enough gaps for rodents and other animals to enter your home, we may resort to installing door sweeps and weather seals. This will seal gaps and create a barrier against rats and mice, and will also contribute to energy efficiency by preventing drafts.

Vent Covers and Caps

Vent openings are a common entrance point for rodents. That is why securing these openings is essential to prevent the rodent populations from entering through these points. We securely install vent covers and caps to ensure effective exclusion while allowing air circulation within the home.

Attic Protection

Rodents often seek shelter in attics, because it is warm, dry and safe. However, it is crucial to protect this space for the structural integrity of the house and for health safety. Our team of experts will inspect the attic for any openings or gaps that rodents could use to gain access and seal them off. Additionally, we often consider installing wire mesh or other barriers to prevent rodents from nesting in the attic.

Insulation Replacement and Deodorizing

Rodents are notorious for contaminating the insulation in your home with droppings, urine, and odors. When this happens, it creates a compromising environment, as the poor air quality in the home can pose a health hazard. This is why inspecting and replacing damaged insulation, along with deodorizing the affected areas, can help homeowners eliminate rodent traces and decrease the health hazards in their homes.

Why Choose Our Rodent Exclusion Services in Marin County

Rodent exclusion is an eco-friendly solution to preventing rats and other rodents from entering your home. As we all know, rats and rodents can cause severe threats to the structural integrity of your home, as well as being a health hazard. Certain things attract rodents such as pet food, warmth, and moist places. Some of these attractants such as pet food are preventable by investing in sealed containers, however, other elements such as warmth and moist places, are harder to prevent. If you are looking for the best rodent exclusion in San Rafael and beyond, contact our team today to learn more!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is rodent exclusion?

Rodent exclusion is an eco-friendly solution to preventing rats and other rodents from entering your home. When it comes to rodent exclusion, we begin by assessing your property and home and look for any holes or cracks, then we begin to assess what materials we can use to ensure that those pesky rodents don't get into your house, and lastly, we implement our strategy. By investing in rodent proofing your home, you are proactively taking the initiative to protect your home from further rodent problems.

Why is rodent exclusion important?

There are numerous reasons why rodent exclusion is important. For starters, rodent infestations can be detrimental to your health, especially with the dropping they leave. Rodents also cause extensive property damage, which can be more costly overtime.

What materials do you use for rodent exclusion?

We use a wide variety of materials when rodent proofing your home. From steel wool to door and weather sweeps, mesh skirts and concrete, we inspect and assess which materials are best suited for your home's needs.

How do you prevent rodents from burrowing under the foundation?

Rodents burrowing under the foundation is not uncommon. Which is why we attach a mesh skirt to the foundation, like an underground wall, backfilling with concrete to not undermine existing foundation.  Our team has the knowledge and skill to repair damaged foundation, as well as forming and pouring new portions using rebar and high-strength concrete. 

Can you repair damaged foundations?

Our team is knowledgeable and skilled to repair any damage to the foundation that may have occurred due to rodent infestations.

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